Woven from natural materials like bamboo and reeds these cool informal shades are great for family rooms and even kitchens.Every style has its own distinctive character of texture, grain, color and pattern which brings the artisan look of handcrafted shades into your room.


All woven bamboo blinds and hand woven shades are carefully created and finished to preserve and enhance the natural beauty of the grain and texture. Due to the nature of slats and cords colors are subject to color variations. We cannot guarantee an exact match from shade to shade. We will attempt to make such matches as close as possible. Due to natural variations exact matches will be impossible from lot to lot.


Energy saving

Bamboo is made up of millions of tiny air pockets, a natural and perfect insulator against summer’s heat and winter’s cold. Considerably more effective than most other window covering. Woven woods are as naturally lovely as they are practical.


Design For The Art Of Living


We offer the finest woven and the latest style to make your room look comfortable and refreshing. When you step into the room, it is like landing in paradise. You can just relax, forget about everyday stresses. This is the place in which you can enjoy your unique lifestyle.


Hand-crafted styles

We produce bamboo blinds for the design industry where quality is the criteria. We now offer this same line of matchstick blinds to the general public on our internet site.

The product we offer is a much hand-crafted styles with higher quality than you will find in department stores. 



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