Frequently Asked Questions


Why would I want plantation shutters for the interior of my home?

Plantation shutters are the most elegant, cost effective and stylish window light, privacy and ventilation system available. They are custom, built-in window accent providing maximum flexibility, insulation and control of light, privacy, ventilation using a frame with movable louvers.


What materials do you offer?

We use PVC or Basswood for our plantation shutters. PVC is more durable, capable of withstanding inclement weather. It will not get damaged when exposed to harsh weather and start to peei, crack and fade. Basswood is one of the lightest hardwoods reducing the chance of sagging in large panels. Its uniform grain pattern provides a smooth even-stained appearance.


Where are your plantation shutters made?

Our Value™ PVC Plantation Shutters are made in South Australia at the manufactory located in Adelaide. So we can arrange the delivery and installation around 2 weeks after received the deposit.

Our Finest™ Basswood Plantation Shutters and Grand™ PVC Plantation Shutters are custom-made by oversea.


How to maintain the plantation shutters?

Basswood plantation shutters are easily cleaned using a feather duster and a damp sponge or soft cloth.

PVC plantation shutters are cleaned with soapy warm water and a soft cloth.


Do your plantation shutters have a warranty?