Roller Blinds provide a highly efficient method of light, sun and privacy control and are so compact that once rolled up your view is uninterrupted.


Custom Roller blinds:  Width: Max 3030mm

                                        Drop:   Max 2700mm

Consider the option of dual roller blinds — conveniently fit two blinds into one bracket, allowing the benefit of a sunscreen blind and a blackout blind on the one window, creating a functional and affordable window covering!


Vertical Blinds are popular for covering sliding doors and large windows, poviding a tired and true window covering solution.


Custom vertical blinds:  Width: Max 5545mm

                                           Drop:   Max 3650mm


 Panel Blinds are mrdern take on Vertical Blinds and offer a steamlined look to your windows.

Custom Panel blinds:  Width: Max 3500mm

                                        Drop:   Max 3600mm


 Roman Blinds offer a clean-cut contemporary look that is ideal for today’s modern decor. They allow heat, light and privacy control with block out or light filtering effects. They provide a clean-cut modern finish and are raised fold by fold creating a soft layered effect.


Custom Roman blinds:  Width: Max 2800mm

                                           Drop:   Max 3000mm



Chain Driven Back Baton Romans


  • Romans are manufactured with even panels, (approx. 180-220mm) with top panel approximately 100mm larger than the other panels.
  • Roman panel size is determined by the drop of the blind therefore if blinds are side by side with different drops the panels will not line up.
  • When romans are side by side with same drop the panels will line up. (+/-5mm)
  • If maximum clearance of window is required consider going above architrave by 200-250mm if possible.
  • To decrease light from the sides of blind consider making the blind wider by 20-50mm also longer by 20-50mm.
  • Due to the inherent nature of the roman blinds i.e. fabric type, blind width and blind drop they may drop by as much as 20mm as they settle.
  • All blinds manufactured with 43mm headboard with fabric attached with velco to the top to allow for adjustments if necessary.
  • Recess romans not recommended.
  • Roman Blinds are manufactured with an oval bottom bar finish or pocket with lathe please specify.